2 Chronicles 21:8-11

Edom fights against Judah

8 While Jehoram was king, Edom's people turned against Judah. They would no longer accept the king of Judah's authority over them. They decided to have their own king. 9 So King Jehoram travelled to Zair with his army officers and all his chariots. The Edomite army came and they were all around him. But that night, Jehoram and his officers attacked the Edomites and they escaped. 10 Even today, Edom's people do not obey the rulers of Judah. The people of Libnah city also turned against Judah at the same time. That happened because Jehoram had turned away from the Lord, the God of his ancestors.

21:9Zair was a city just inside the border of Edom.

11 He also built altars on the hills of Judah. He caused the people of Judah and Jerusalem to turn away from the Lord and worship false gods.

21:11The altars on the hills were places where people made sacrifices to false gods.