2 Chronicles 21:8-11

Edom fights Judah

8 Edom's people decided not to obey Judah's king while Jehoram was king. So they chose their own king to rule over them. 9 So Jehoram went there with his officers and all his chariots. Edom's men went everywhere round him and his chariots. But during the night he got up. He attacked their soldiers and he reached the other side of their army. 10 But since then, Edom's people have refused to obey Judah's king. At the same time, the people in Libnah decided not to obey Jehoram. That was because Jehoram had stopped worshipping the Lord, the God of his ancestors. 11 He also built high places on the hills in Judah. And there he caused the people from Jerusalem to worship false gods. So he caused Judah's people to do wrong things.

21:8Edom was south and to the east of the Dead Sea.