2 Chronicles 21:12-17

Elijah gives a message to King Jehoram

12 The prophet Elijah wrote a letter to Jehoram. This is what it said:

‘The Lord, the God of your ancestor David says, “You have not lived in a good way as your father Jehoshaphat did and as King Asa of Judah did. 13 Instead, you have lived in the way that the kings of Israel live. You have caused the people of Judah and Jerusalem to turn away from the Lord and worship false gods. That is the same as King Ahab's family has done in Israel. You have also killed your own brothers, your father's sons. They were better men than you are. 14 So now the Lord will send terrible trouble on your people, including your children, your wives and everything that belongs to you. 15 You will have a bad disease. You will have terrible pain in your stomach that becomes worse and worse. Finally, your inside parts will come out of your body.” ’

16 There were some Philistines and Arabs who lived near people from Ethiopia. The Lord caused them to be angry with Jehoram. 17 They attacked Judah and they took power over the land. They took away all the valuable things in the king's palace. They took his sons and his wives as their prisoners. The only son of Jehoram that remained was his youngest son, Ahaziah.

21:17Ahaziah was also called Jehoahaz.