2 Chronicles 20:1-4

Jehoshaphat fights against Moab and Ammon

1 After that, armies from Moab and Ammon, as well as some Meunites, attacked Jehoshaphat.

20:1The Meunites came from Edom.

2 Some men brought this news to Jehoshaphat: ‘A large army is coming from the other side of the Dead Sea to attack you. They came from Edom and they are already in Hazezon Tamar.’ (That is another name for En Gedi.)

3 Jehoshaphat was afraid. So he decided to ask the Lord what he should do. He commanded all the people in Judah that they must fast. 4 Judah's people came together to ask the Lord for his help. They came from every town in Judah to pray to the Lord.