2 Chronicles 19:4-11

Jehoshaphat chooses some men to be judges

4 King Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem. He also travelled around the country to meet people. He went everywhere, from Beersheba to the hill country of Ephraim. He warned the people to turn back to the Lord, the God of their ancestors. 5 He chose men to be judges. He put them everywhere in Judah, in each strong city. 6 He said to them, ‘Be careful how you do your job. Remember that you are not being a judge to please men. You are doing it to please the Lord. He will help you to decide what is right. 7 Respect the Lord's authority. Be careful to do your job well. The Lord our God is always fair. So be fair to everyone, whoever they are. Do not cheat people. Do not accept bribes.’

19:4Beersheba was in the south of Judah and the hill country of Ephraim was in the north.

8 Jehoshaphat also chose some Levites, priests and clan leaders to serve the Lord as judges in Jerusalem. They used God's law to decide who was right when people who lived in Jerusalem had arguments.

9 He said to them, ‘Serve the Lord faithfully and respect his authority. 10 You must warn the people who come from their towns and they ask you to judge an argument for them. The argument may be about a murder, or about anyone who has not obeyed God's laws, rules and commands. Whatever it is, you must warn people not to do things that the Lord says are wrong. If you do not warn them, God will be angry with you and the people of Judah. But if you do warn them, you will not be guilty of a sin.

11 Amariah, the most important priest, will have authority over you. He will tell you what the Lord's law says is right. But if it is an argument about the king's laws, Ishmael's son Zebadiah, the officer who rules Judah, will decide what is right. The Levites will serve as your officers. Be brave and do your work well. The Lord will help you to do what is right!’