2 Chronicles 1:7-13

God asks Solomon what he wants

7 That night, God appeared to Solomon and he said to him, ‘Ask for anything that you want me to give to you.’

8 Solomon answered God, ‘You have been very kind to my father David. And you have caused me to be king instead. 9 Now, Lord God, do as you promised to my father David. You have caused me to rule over people who seem as many as the dust of the ground. 10 So now please give to me wisdom and knowledge so that I can be the leader of these people. Nobody can rule this great nation without your help, because these people belong to you.’

11 God said to Solomon, ‘You have not asked to become rich or for valuable things. You have not asked for honour or for the death of your enemies. You have not asked for a long life. But you asked for wisdom and knowledge to rule over my people. I have chosen you to be their king. 12 So I will give to you wisdom and knowledge. Also, I will make you rich. And I will give to you valuable things. You will have more of those than any king who has lived before you. And you will have more of those than any king who will live after you. And I will cause people to give honour to you. They will give more honour to you than people have given to any king before you or after you.’

13 So, Solomon left the place for worship at Gibeon. He went from the tent where God met with his people. And he returned to Jerusalem. There he ruled over Israel.