2 Chronicles 1:14-17

Solomon buys horses and chariots

14 Solomon bought many chariots and men to ride horses. He had 1,400 chariots and 12,000 men to ride horses. He kept them in special cities for chariots and some with him in Jerusalem. 15 There was a lot of silver and gold in Jerusalem while he was king. People had so much silver and gold that they were like stones in Jerusalem. And they had as much wood from cedar trees as from the common trees that grew in the low hills in the west. 16 Solomon brought horses from Egypt and from Kue. The king's men bought them in Kue at a good price. 17 The chariots came from Egypt. A chariot cost 7 kilos of silver and a horse cost 1.7 kilos of silver. Also they sold horses and chariots to all the kings of the people called Hittites and the people from Syria.

1:17The horses from Egypt were very big and strong. They were the best horses to pull chariots.