Treasure in a field, and a wonderful pearl

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 15

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Matthew 13:44, 45

[Treasure is something that is very expensive, like silver or gold. A pearl is a beautiful and precious stone that you have on a ring.]

Jesus tells two parables [stories]. One is about treasure. The other parable is about a pearl.

The parable [story] about the treasure in the field

The parable about the treasure describes a man who suddenly finds treasure in a field. Someone has buried the treasure there. The man does not own the field. So, he goes away and sells everything that he owns. Now he can buy the field so that the treasure belongs to him.

The parable [story] about the wonderful pearl

The parable about the pearl is similar to the parable about the treasure. A man suddenly sees a very beautiful pearl. The pearl is very valuable. The man sells everything that he owns. He uses the money to buy the pearl, so that the pearl belongs to him.

The meaning of these parables [stories]

These two parables teach the same truth. The *kingdom of God is more valuable than any treasure. It is a wonderful thing for us to belong to the *kingdom of God.

We should ask ourselves this question:

  Is there anything that keeps us back from Godís *kingdom?

Whatever it is, we should turn away from it. We should free ourselves from it. We should leave everything that keeps us away from God.


Some more parables [stories with a meaning] that Jesus told:


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