What Peter said at Caesarea Philippi

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 6 - Who is Jesus? - Part 4

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Matthew 16:13-28

A very important conversation

A very important conversation happened about this time. The *disciples had been with Jesus for some time. They had seen his *miracles. They had heard him teach. They had seen the great love and care that he always showed. They were near Caesarea Philippi.

Then, Jesus asked his *disciples this question:

·  Who did people say that Jesus was?

The *disciples replied with many answers:

·  Some people thought that John the Baptist had become alive again. These people guessed that Jesus was really John.

·  Some people thought that Jesus was perhaps Elijah or one of the prophets.

·  But Peter said this:

Matthew 16:16 Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’.

Jesus is the *Messiah and the son of God

This was a wonderful answer. 'Christ' means the same as *Messiah. Peter realised that Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus had an explanation for what Peter had said. The *disciples could only say this because God had told them. God had helped them to believe in Jesus.

Wrong ideas about the *Messiah

Jesus immediately told them not to tell anyone. Why did he say this? It was because of the Jews’ idea of a *Messiah. They expected that the *Messiah would be a military leader. They thought that the *Messiah would defeat the Romans. The security of the Jews was important. But Jesus had come to do something that was far more important.

Jesus speaks about his death

Immediately Jesus started to teach his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem. There, men would attack him and kill him. The Jews did not think that this should happen to a *Messiah. The *disciples could not understand it. Peter even blamed Christ for saying it! Jesus tried many times to tell the *disciples what would happen at Jerusalem. He tried to tell them that he would die on the *cross. Then he would become alive again. They did not understand until afterwards. The actual events were a great shock to them.

This conversation was an important event in Jesus *ministry. Afterwards, Jesus prepared to go to the *cross. Soon, he would leave Galilee, and start his last journey to Jerusalem.


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