Jesus, the light of the world

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 7 - Jesus visits Jerusalem - Part 9

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In this chapter (John 9) we read about a wonderful event. Jesus cured a man who was born blind.

Jesus said that he was like the light of the world. This *miracle teaches us what he meant by that. Jesus was very brave. Although he had great power, he was also very gentle. He cared about people who suffered. He cared about people whom nobody else would care about. He did not care about his own safety. He did not listen to what evil men said about him.

Jesus wants to help us. He wants us to understand the trouble that *sin causes in our lives. God will forgive us if we ask him. He can give us a purpose, and power to live a new kind of life. Jesus helps us to understand all of this. Jesus loves all people. He wants to bless us all in the way that we live. He helps us to know God better.


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