Jesus in Pilate's court

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 - Jesus' arrest and appearance at court - Part 10

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The Jewish rulers accuse Jesus

The Jewish rulers had a problem. They could only accuse Jesus of one thing. The Jewish rulers said that Jesus had spoken against God. But the Romans did not serve the same God as the Jews. The Romans had their own gods. So, the Romans would not think that this was important. The Romans would not even care if Jesus had spoken against God.

Therefore, when the Jewish rulers came to Pilate, they accused Jesus of other things. (Pilate governed the Jews for the Romans.) (Mark 15:1-5, Luke 23:1-5). When they said these things, Jesus did not answer (Mark 15:5, Matthew 27:14). What the *prophets had said was now true. 'They accused him and they attacked him. But he did not say a word.' (Isaiah 53:7).

Herod's court

When Pilate heard that Jesus was from Galilee, he tried to send Jesus to King Herod. Until that day, Pilate had been Herod's enemy (Luke 23:6-12). Again, Jesus did not answer Herod's questions (Luke 23:9). Herod and his soldiers laughed at Jesus and hit him. Then Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate.

Pilate's court

Again, Jesus was in a Roman court. Pilate now showed what he thought about Jesus. He thought that Jesus was a good man. He knew that the Jewish rulers were jealous of Jesus. He tried to free Jesus.

The Jews had a custom at that *feast. They freed one prisoner. Pilate thought that they might free Jesus. But the Jews had encouraged the crowd to ask for Barabbas. Barabbas was a murderer. But the crowd still asked for Barabbas instead of Jesus.

Jesus now could not avoid the *cross.

Pilate washes his hands

Pilate washed his hands in public to show that the death of Jesus was not his fault. But Pilate also deserved blame for Jesus' death.


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