Jesus in the garden called Gethsemane

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 - Jesus' arrest and appearance at court - Part 8

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Jesus prays while the *disciples sleep

We have seen that Jesus had many difficulties to deal with at this time. Both he and the *disciples were probably very tired by the time of the last supper [that is, Jesus' last meal with his *disciples]. We see this when we read about the behaviour of the *disciples in Gethsemane. They were actually very tired. They had no more energy at all. Jesus fell down on the ground and prayed. He was suffering very much. He really desired his friends to stay awake with him at this time. It was the hardest time for him. But the *disciples could not stay awake. They slept on the ground.

Jesus had done so much more than they had done. He was probably even more tired than them. But his hardest time of all was still to come.

Jesus suffers greatly

Jesus suffered very much in Gethsemane (Mark 14:50, Luke 22:54-62). Luke tells us that *drops of blood fell from Jesus' body. This was a crisis for Jesus. Jesus had always obeyed God his Father. And Jesus still wanted to obey God. But now this meant the *cross with its great pain and shame.

But, for Jesus, the *cross was not merely a place of pain and death. Jesus was perfect; he never *sinned. But on the *cross, Jesus would have to take, on himself, the *sin of the world. He would have wanted to avoid this especially, but he could not. Here is his prayer:

Matthew 26:39 'My Father, if it is possible, do not let this happen. However, I want to do the things that you desire. I choose not to do the things that I desire.'

But there was no other way. The *cross was the only way that God could forgive our *sin. Jesus was the only one who could pay for all our *sin. Only Jesus could give us the power to live like him.

Judas kisses Jesus

After he had prayed, Jesus knew what must happen. Calmly Jesus walked out so that the soldiers could arrest him. Judas had arrived, with soldiers and priests. Judas went to Jesus and kissed him. Jesus refused to let his friends fight for him. Instead, he allowed his enemies to take him.

The *disciples were very afraid. They left Jesus and ran away. Only Peter and John tried to stay near Jesus. And only John would be present at the *crucifixion.


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