An *angel comes to Mary

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 1 - The Birth of a *Saviour - Part 4

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Six months after the *angel visited Zechariah, God sent the *angel to Mary. The *angel brought a special message from God to Mary. Mary would have a son. She was to call him Jesus. The angel spoke some wonderful *prophecies about Jesus. Mary knew that God had chosen her for a very special task.

The *angel tells Mary about Jesus

Luke 1:32-33: He (Jesus) will be great. Men will call him the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will make him king like his father, David. He will rule over the family of Jacob for ever; his kingdom will never end.

There was no doubt at all about this child. The *angel said quite clearly who Jesus was. These are the words. The angel said that Jesus was:-

  Son of the Most High [This means son of God].

  To have the *Throne of David.

  He will rule for ever.

  There is no end to His *kingdom.

This message impressed Mary very much. Her answer shows that she trusted God. She was willing to obey him, although it would be hard. She would be a mother. But she would not be a wife. The *angel had said all this. She could not have understood the meaning of it all.

Mary's song

The angel told Mary to go to her cousin Elizabeth. When they met, Mary praised God with a wonderful song. The song was full of words from the *prophets. Mary and Elizabeth praised God because he loves everyone. He is kind to us.

Luke 1:51, 52: God has done powerful things. He has scattered those who have proud thoughts. He has removed rulers from their *thrones. He has made humble men great.

God chose humble people

God had chosen a poor girl from a village to be the mother of the *Messiah. The son of an ordinary priest was to tell the world about him. People think that certain men are powerful. But the *Lord did not choose them. He did not think that they were important. God chose humble people [people whom other people thought were not important]. These people showed how powerful and great God is.


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