Christ in the Bible: Mark’s Gospel

Christ in Mark’s *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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Mark chapter 14

The *Passover meal

Verses 12-16

The *Passover is an important holiday that the *Jews have each year. For their special meal, they ate lamb (a young sheep). And for a week, they ate flat bread. Today, the *Jews still have the flat bread. But they do not still eat the lamb at *Passover.

Jesus told the *disciples how to find the room. Some people think that Jesus had already chosen the room. Other people think that Jesus did not know the right place. But God showed Jesus where the *disciples should go.

Some people think that the room was, perhaps, in Mark’s own house (Acts 1:12-13; Acts 12:12).

Verses 17-21

Jesus knew that a certain *disciple was against him. That *disciple was Judas. Judas was present with Jesus and the other *disciples. And Judas ate the special meal with them. But he left during the meal.

Jesus knew about the troubles that he would soon have. He knew that the rulers would take him away. He knew that he would die. The Bible says that all these things would happen. (See Psalm 22; Psalm 41:9; Isaiah chapter 53).

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