The workmen

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus told this story.

A man owned a large field.

He grew grapes in the field.

This is called a vineyard.


The man needed some men to pick grapes.

He went out early in the morning to find some men.

He told the men he would pay them.

He would pay 1 silver coin for a day’s work.



At 9-o-clock, he found some more men.

“Come and work for me.

I will pay you a fair wage”, he said.


At 12-o-clock and at 3-o-clock he sent more men to work.

He even found some men at 5-o-clock.

It was nearly time to stop work.


In the evening, he called the men.

He gave them their pay.

He started with the last ones;

the men who had begun work at 5-o-clock.

He gave them 1 silver coin.

The ones who had worked all day were last.

They thought they would get more pay.

The man gave them the same 1 silver coin.


The men were not happy; they grumbled.

“We worked all day and they only worked 1 hour.

They get the same pay”, they said.


The owner said, “I did not cheat you.

You agreed to work for 1 silver coin.

Take your wages and go now.

I can do what I like with my own money.

Are you jealous because I am kind?”




Matthew 20:1-15.


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