Jesus teaches us how to pray

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus said, “Do not do kind things just so that people will see you.

You will not get a reward for that.

When you help someone in need,

do it quietly.

Do not tell everyone what you are doing.

God will see what you do.

He will reward you.


When you pray, do it quietly.

Go to your room and close the door.

Then pray to your Father God.

You do not need to pray long prayers.

God knows all about you.

God knows what you really need.


Pray like this:


God our Father in Heaven,

you are a wonderful God.

We want the things that you want here on earth,

just like they are in Heaven.

Please give us enough food for today.

We are sorry for the wrong things we have done.

We forgive anyone who has been bad to us.

Please keep us away from bad things.

Please keep us safe.     Amen.



Forgive people when they hurt you.

Then God will forgive you when you ask him.

If you do not forgive others, God will not forgive you.”



Then Jesus said “If you fast, do not look miserable.

Wash your face, comb your hair and look happy.

God will know that you are fasting. He will reward you.”



Matthew 6:1-18.


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