Jesus goes out to dinner

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke's Good News

Joyce Ferrie



One of the leaders of the church invited Jesus to his house.

He asked him to come for a meal.

The man's name was Simon.

Whilst they were eating, a woman came into the room.

She was not a good woman; she had done bad things.

She went and stood behind Jesus.

She carried a jar full of beautiful perfume.

The woman was crying.

Her tears wet Jesus' feet.

She dried his feet with her long hair.

Then she poured the perfume on Jesus' feet.

Simon thought, "Jesus should know that she is not a good woman."

Jesus knew what Simon was thinking.

He said, "Simon I want to tell you something.

There were once two men who owed another man a lot of money.

One owed 500 and the other owed 50.

Neither of them could pay what they owed.

The man let them both off.

He said they did not need to pay him what they owed.

Which of these two men will love the other man most?"

Simon answered, "I suppose it would be the man who owed the most."

Jesus turned to the woman and said, "Look at this woman.

When I came here you did not give me water to wash my feet.

She washed my feet with her tears.

You did not welcome me with a kiss.

She has kissed my feet.

You gave me no oil for my head but she poured perfume on my feet.

She has shown me great love.

That proves that her many sins are forgiven.

Those who have been forgiven little show little love."

Jesus spoke to the woman. "Your sins are forgiven;

your faith has saved you."



Luke 7:36-50 No. 22.


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April 2008

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