Jesus makes a man well again

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Luke's Good News

Joyce Ferrie



Jesus met a man with a nasty disease.

His skin was covered in sores.

People would not go near the man.

They were afraid they might catch his disease.

The man begged Jesus to help him.

He said, "Sir, if you want to you can make me well again."



Jesus replied, "I do want to. Be healed."



At once, the man was made well.

His sores were all gone.

"Go to the church and thank God", said Jesus.


Many people came to see Jesus.

They wanted to hear him speak.

They wanted to be made well.



Sometimes Jesus wanted to be alone with God.

He often went away to a quiet place to pray.


Luke 5:12-16 No. 14.


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April 2008

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