Jesus is alive again

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from John’s Good News


Joyce Ferrie



Early on Sunday morning, it was still quite dark.

A woman called Mary went to the tomb.

The stone had been taken away from the entrance to the tomb.

She ran back to Jesus’ friends.

“Someone has taken Jesus’ body from the tomb”, she said.

Peter and another friend ran to the tomb.

Peter went inside.

He saw the sheets that Jesus had been wrapped in.

The two friends did not understand that Jesus had come alive again.

The two men went home.

The woman called Mary stood crying outside the tomb.

She looked inside.

She saw two angels dressed in white clothes.

“Why are you crying?” they asked.

“They have taken the Lord away and I don’t know where

they have put him”, she said.

She turned round and saw someone standing beside her.

She did not know it was Jesus.

He said to her, “What are you looking for?”

Mary thought he was the gardener.

She said, “Tell me where you have put Jesus’ body and I will go and get it.”

Jesus said, “Mary.”

She turned and said to him, “Teacher.”

Jesus said, “Go and tell my friends that you have seen me.”



John 20:1-18      No. 22.


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