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Revelation 19 : The crowd in heaven thanks God

v1 After these things I heard a sound like a very big crowd in *heaven. They were shouting:

‘How great our God is!

He saves people.

He is really great and powerful.

He has all authority.

v2 Everything that he decides is right and fair.

He has decided to *punish the city, that powerful bad woman.

She made many people on the earth bad because of the bad things that she did.

She caused people to *worship her false gods,

like a bad woman who causes people to have sex with her.

God has *punished her because she killed his servants.’

v3 Then they shouted again:

‘How great God is!

The smoke from the fire that burns her will continue to go up always.’

v4 The 24 leaders and the 4 *beings that were alive threw themselves down. And they *worshipped God, who was sitting on the *throne. They spoke with loud voices. ‘It is true!’ they said. God is very great!’

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