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Here are some questions that visitors to our website have asked about the Bible. Click a question to see what the Bible says about it.

Why does Jesus tell us that we have to forgive people who do wrong things to us?

Who killed Jesus?

What does the Bible say about employees?

How do Christians feel about death?

What does the Bible say about employers?

What is Easter and why do Christians remember it?

What does God want from us?

Why do Christians tell other people about Jesus?

Can I ever stop being a Christian?

Does God turn away people who come to him?

How can I become a Christian?

How can we get rid of sin?

How do we know that God loves us?

What are the Ten Commandments?

What happens when we die?

What is eternal life?

What is Pentecost?

What is sin?

What is so special about the Bible?

Who is the Light of the World?

What is the Lord's Prayer?

What is the best way to pray?

What is the Passover?

What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Who is Emmanuel?

Who is the Bread of Life?

Who was John the Baptist?

Who was the Good Shepherd?

Who was the Prince of Peace?

Why did people in the Old Testament used to sacrifice animals?

Why do Christians eat bread and wine in Holy Communion?

Why is Good Friday called good?

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