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Hebrews 3 : Jesus is greater than Moses

v1 You Christians are like my brothers and sisters because you are Godís people too. God wants all of us to be with him in *heaven. You must think seriously about Jesus. We Christians say that we believe Jesus. And God has sent him to be our *chief *priest. v2 Jesus did everything that God sent him to do, just like Moses. Moses obeyed God while he worked among all Godís people many years ago. v3 But someone who has built a house is much more important than the house itself. And it is like that with Jesus. Jesus has done much greater things than Moses did. v4 Some person built every house, but God has built all things. v5 Moses obeyed everything that God told him. He was a servant to all Godís people. He was like a servant in Godís house. He spoke about the things that God would say in future times. v6 But Christ obeyed God because he is his Son. He is the master of Godís house and we belong to his house. We are Godís people if we continue to believe Jesus. So we must be brave. We must go on being sure about what we hope for, until the end.

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