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1 Timothy 3 : Helpers in the church

v8 *Deacons (other special helpers in the *church) must also be careful to live good lives. People must *respect them. They must always speak what is true. They must not drink too much *wine. They must not want money so much that they do wrong things to get it. v9 They must really believe the things that God has shown to us about Christ. Also, while they believe, they must always be careful to do nothing wrong. v10 *Deacons must first show the people in the *church that they could do their work well. They must show everyone that they are good people. Then let them work as *deacons. v11 *Deaconsí wives must also be careful to live good lives. They must not say bad things about people. They must think seriously and they must rule themselves well. Everyone should know that they are honest and good in every way.

Verse 11 ĎDeaconsí wivesí could mean Ďwomen helpersí instead.

v12 A *deacon must be the husband of one wife. He must rule his children well. He must also rule other people in his house well. v13 Those *deacons who do their work well will cause everyone to think good things about them. And *deacons like that will believe Christ Jesus more strongly. So, they will become braver. They will speak more strongly about what they believe.

v14 I hope to come to you soon. But I am writing these things to you now. v15 So even if I cannot come soon, you will know about Godís family. You will know how people in Godís family should live. That family is the *church of God, who is alive. Godís *church teaches people what is true. The *church keeps those true things safe, just like strong parts of a building make that building strong and safe.

v16 The things that God has shown us about Jesus Christ are very great. Nobody can argue about that.

  Christ lived in a human body.

  Godís Spirit showed that he always did completely right things.

  *Angels saw him.

  People taught about him in countries where the people do not know God.

  People in the world believed him.

  God took him up to be with himself.

Verse 16 The second part of this verse may come from a Christian song that Paul knew.

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