Zechariah 9:14-17

The Lord will appear

14 Then the Lord will appear above his people.

His arrows will be as fast as lightning in the sky.

The Lord God will make a loud sound with a trumpet.

He will march in a storm from the south to attack.

15 And the Lord Almighty will help his people.

They will throw great stones at their enemies.

When they go to war, they will shout loudly,

like men who have drunk too much wine.

They will be as full of joy as the priest's bowl is full of blood,

when he pours it on the altar.

16 On that day, the Lord will save them.

They are his people.

They will shine in his country

like beautiful stones that shine in a crown.

17 The people will be beautiful and good.

The young people will become strong

when they eat good bread.

The young women will become strong

when they drink new wine.