Song of Songs 3:1-5

1 All night I lay in bed.

3:1The woman has a dream. Some time after that, she tells her friends about it.

I looked for the man that I love.

I looked for him but he did not appear.

2 I thought, ‘I will get up now and I will go into the city.

I will look everywhere for the man that I really love.

I will go through all the streets.

I will look in all the market places.’

So I looked for him.

But I did not find him.

3 The city guards found me

as they walked through the streets of the city.

I said, ‘Have you seen the man that I love very much?’

4 Just then, as I left them, I found the man that I love!

I hugged him. I would not let him go.

I held him until I had brought him to my mother's house.

I brought him to my mother's room.

(There my life started, in my mother's body.)

5 I say to you, young women of Jerusalem,

please do not cause someone to feel love for another person;

not until he or she wants to.

I am saying this because I really mean it.

I ask you on behalf of the gazelles and the young female deer in the field.