Revelation 19:1-10

The people in heaven praise God

1 After these things, I heard a sound like the voices of very many people in heaven. The crowd of people were shouting,

‘We praise the Lord our God!

He has saved us!

He is really powerful!

We say that he is great!

2 Everything that he decides is right and fair.

He has decided to punish that great prostitute.

She led people on the earth to do bad things.

She has led them to worship idols.

It is like she led people to have sex in a wrong way.

She killed God's servants with her own hands.

Because of all that, God has now punished her.

So, we praise him!’

3 Then the crowd of people in heaven shouted again,

‘We praise the Lord our God!

The smoke from the fire that burns that city will go up for ever.’

4 The 24 leaders and the four beings that are alive then threw themselves down on the ground. They worshipped God, who was sitting on the throne. They said, ‘It is true! We praise the Lord God!’

5 Then a voice spoke from the throne. It said,

‘All of you who are God's servants,

praise our God!

All of you who serve God, worship him!

You who are important people, and you who are not important, worship him!’

6 Again I heard a sound like a very big crowd, and they were shouting. The sound was like the noise of water that pours along a river very fast. It was like the noise of loud thunder. The crowd of people shouted,

‘We praise the Lord our God!

He rules with all power and authority!

7 Now we are very happy!

We will say how great God is!

The time for the Lamb's marriage has now come.

His wife that he will marry has prepared herself.

8 God has given her bright, clean clothes to wear.’

These special clothes are a picture of the good things that God's people have done.

9 Then the angel said to me, ‘Write down this message: “When the Lamb marries, there will be a special meal. God will ask his people to eat that meal together with the Lamb. Those people will be very happy.” ’ The angel also said to me, ‘This is a true message from God.’

10 Then I bent down at the angel's feet to worship him. But he said to me, ‘You must not do that! I am only a servant of God, the same as you are. I am a servant, like all believers who continue to trust in Jesus. They speak his message. Worship God! It is God's Spirit that helps those believers to speak God's message. That is how they tell other people about Jesus.’