Revelation 11:15-19

The seventh trumpet

15 The seventh angel made a sound with his trumpet. Then there was the sound of loud voices in heaven. They shouted:

‘Our Lord God and his Messiah now have all authority!

The whole world has become their kingdom.

God will rule as King for ever!’

16 The 24 leaders were sitting on their thrones in front of God. Now they threw themselves down on their faces and they worshipped God. 17 They said:

‘We thank you, Lord God, because you have all authority!

You are alive now and you have always been alive.

You have great power and now you have begun to rule the whole world!

18 The nations of the world were very angry.

But now it is time for you to be angry with them.

Now you will judge all the people who have died.

You will give good things to your servants, the prophets,

and to all your people.

You will bless everyone who respects and obeys you,

whether they are important people or not.

But you will destroy all those people who destroy the earth.

The time has now come for all this to happen.’

19 Then the door of the temple in heaven became open. Inside it, I saw God's Covenant Box. There was a great storm with bright lightning and the loud noise of thunder. There was an earthquake and strong rain with stones of ice fell from the sky.

11:19Many years ago, God told Israel's people to make a special box. He told them to keep the box in God's house. See Exodus 25:10-22. The box helped them remember God. They remembered that God had promised to live among them. He had agreed to be their God if they would obey him.