Psalm 54:1-7

God keeps me safe

54:1Saul wanted to kill David. David went to Ziph to hide from Saul. Ziph was near where David's family lived. David gave help to the people of Ziph to fight their enemies. But the men of Ziph told Saul where David was.

1 God, you are great, so please help me!

Use your power to show that I am right.

2 God, hear my prayer,

and listen carefully to what I am saying.

3 Strangers are attacking me!

Cruel people want to kill me.

They do not respect you, God.

54:3In verses 1-3 David is asking for help because of who God is.


4 But I know that God is the one who gives me help.

My Lord takes care of me.

5 Pay back my enemies with their own evil.

Please do what you have promised

and destroy them.

6 I choose to offer a sacrifice to thank you.

Lord, you are always good,

so I want to praise your name.

7 Yes, God has saved me from all my trouble.

When I looked at my enemies,

I see that I have won against them.

54:7In verses 4-7 David has received God's help, so he praises God for who he is (his name).