Psalm 40:1-17

God has helped me

40:1Psalm 40 is a song that says ‘thank you’ to God. But David still has problems. So he will always need God's help.

1 I was patient while I waited for the Lord to help me.

He turned towards me,

and he heard me when I called to him.

2 He lifted me out of the deep hole of danger.

He picked me up out of the mud.

He put my feet on a rock.

Then I could walk and not slip.

3 He gave me a new song to sing.

It was a song to praise our God.

Many people will see what God has done to help me.

Then they will respect and obey him.

Yes, they will trust in the Lord.

4 If anyone trusts in the Lord

he blesses them!

They do not expect proud people to help them.

They do not join with those people who worship false gods.

5 Lord, my God, you have done many great things.

You have done so many things for us

that we cannot count them!

There is nobody else like you!

I want to talk about the things that you have done,

but there are too many things to speak about!

6 You do not really want sacrifices and offerings.

I understand that!

You do not ask for burnt offerings

or sin offerings.

7 Then I said, ‘Here I am, my God!

The message that is written in the book

tells me what I must do.

40:7In the New Testament Jesus uses these words about himself. See Hebrews 10:7.

8 I want to do what pleases you.

Your law is always in my thoughts.’

9 In the great meeting of your people,

I have told them about your justice.

I cannot keep quiet!

You know that this is true, Lord.

10 I have not hidden the good news about your justice.

I have told everyone that they can trust you,

and that you have the power to save.

I tell the great meeting of your people about your faithful love.

11 You, Lord, will continue to be kind to me.

Please continue to keep me safe,

because of your faithful love.

12 There are many dangerous troubles all around me.

They are too many to count!

My sins are too strong for me.

They are more than all the hairs on my head!

So I am weak and I cannot see clearly.

13 Lord, please save me!

Lord, come quickly to help me!

14 Chase away the people who want to kill me!

Cause them to become ashamed and confused.

Chase away the people who want to hurt me,

so that they run away in shame.

15 When people laugh at me,

make them sorry for what they have done.

16 Lord, may those who come to you be very happy,

because you have saved them.

They should never stop saying,

Praise the Lord!’

17 But I am poor and weak, my Lord.

Please continue to think about me.

You are the one who helps me and who saves me.

My God, come quickly to help me!