Psalm 126:1-6

The Lord has done great things for us!

126:1Psalm 126 remembers how God helps his people when they have troubles. Even when things seem very bad for us, God can change everything. This psalm may remember the time when God took his people back to Jerusalem (Zion) after they had lived in Babylon for a long time.

1 When the Lord turned us round,

so that we enjoyed a good life in Zion again,

we thought that we were dreaming!

2 At that time, we laughed a lot.

We shouted because we were so happy!

People in other countries said to each other,

‘The Lord has done great things for them!’

3 Yes, the Lord has done great things for us.

So we are very happy.

4 Lord, please bless us like before.

That will be like streams of water that return to the desert.

126:4There is no rain in the desert for a long time. The rivers and the streams become dry. But when rain falls, everything changes.

5 When people went out to plant their seeds,

they were crying.

But they will be happy when they bring in the harvest!

6 People were weeping when they took their bags of seeds to plant.

126:6The people had not been able to plant seeds in their fields for a long time. So now it was hard work for them. They had to take their valuable seeds and plant them. So they had less food to eat. That is why they were sad.

But when they carry their crops back home,

they will shout because they are so happy!

126:6When the time for harvest came, there would be much food and they would be very happy! It is very difficult when we have troubles. But God can change everything.