Psalm 119

The Word of God


119:1Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm. There are 22 parts. Each part has 8 verses. Every line of each part starts with one letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph. Each line of the first part begins with Aleph. Each line of the second part begins with Beth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It probably made it easier for people to remember the Psalm. We have not made it an alphabet poem in English.

1 God has blessed people who always do what is right.

They obey the Lord's Law.

2 They agree to live by his rules.

119:2This Psalm uses many different words to talk about God's message to us. We do not have the same words in English as the Psalm has in the Hebrew language. But the different English words help us to see that the Bible, God's word, teaches us in many different ways. The Psalm talks about God's Law, his rules, his commands, his message, his teaching, his word and his promises. Every part of the Psalm uses many of these different words. The different words tell us about the many ways that God has spoken to us. He has shown us the right way to live and how to please him.

They love to pray to him.

God has blessed people like that.

3 Also, they do nothing that is wrong.

They live in a way that please the Lord.

4 You, Lord, have told us to obey your teaching carefully.

5 I want to be able to obey your laws all the time.

6 When I remember all your commands,

I will not be ashamed.

7 When I learn your good rules,

I will do what is right and I will thank you.

8 Yes, I will obey your laws.

Please do not turn away from me!


9 How can a young man live a clean life?

He must be careful to obey your message.

10 I bring all my thoughts to you.

Do not let me forget to obey your commands.

11 I always keep your message in my mind,

so that I do not do anything bad against you.

12 Lord, everyone should praise you!

Please teach me your laws.

13 You have taught us your rules.

I want to speak them aloud for others to hear.

14 Your rules give me a happy life.

When I obey them, it is better than being rich!

15 I want to think carefully about your teaching.

You have shown me the best way to live.

16 Your laws make me very happy.

I will not forget what you have taught me.


17 Please be kind to me, your servant.

Then I will live and I will obey your message.

18 Open my eyes wide!

Then I will see great things in your Law.

19 I live like a stranger here on the earth.

Please do not hide your commands from me.

20 I really want to obey your rules all the time.

I want that more than anything else.

21 You warn people who are proud.

If they turn away from your commands,

you will surely punish them.

22 I obey your rules.

So do not let people insult me,

so that I become ashamed.

23 Rulers may think of ways to hurt me.

But I will think carefully about your rules.

24 Yes, your laws make me really happy.

They show me the right way to live.


25 I have fallen to the ground. I am almost dead.

Give me life again, as you have promised to do.

26 I told you what my life is like,

and you answered me.

Please teach me your laws.

27 Help me to understand what your teaching means.

Then I will think carefully about the great things that you do.

28 I am so sad that I feel very weak.

Use your word to make me strong again.

29 Stop me from living in a wrong way.

Please be kind to me,

so that I know your Law.

30 I have chosen to live in the right way.

I will continue to obey your rules.

31 Yes, Lord, I will always respect your teaching.

Please do not let me become ashamed.

32 I want to obey your commands all the time.

Help me to understand them more and more.


33 Lord, help me to understand your teaching,

then I will always obey it.

34 Explain your Law to me, then I will obey it.

I will always love to do what it says.

35 Help me to live in a way that respects your commands.

That is what makes me very happy.

36 Help me to love your rules.

That is better for me than riches.

37 Turn my eyes away from useless things.

Use your word to help me to live.

38 I am your servant.

Please do what you have promised to do.

You have promised to bless anyone who respects you.

39 I am afraid when people insult me.

Your rules are good,

so do not let me be ashamed.

40 I really want to obey your rules.

Because you are righteous,

please let me continue to live.


41 Lord, I want your faithful love to be with me.

Please keep me safe, as you have promised.

42 Then I will be able to answer the people who insult me.

I will show them that I trust in your word.

43 Do not stop me from speaking your true word!

I know that you will do what is right.

44 I will always obey your Law,

now and for ever.

45 I will not be in danger as I live,

because I try to obey your teaching.

46 I will speak to kings about your rules.

I will not be ashamed to do that.

47 I love your commands

and they make me very happy.

48 I respect your commands,

and I love them.

I am always thinking about your laws.


49 Remember the word that you have spoken to me, your servant.

You have made me put my hope in it.

50 When I have trouble,

your promise gives me peace in my mind.

It makes my life strong again.

51 Proud people laugh at me all the time.

But I do not turn away from your Law.

52 Lord, I remember the rules that you made long ago.

When I do that, I feel happy.

53 When wicked people turn against your Law,

I become very angry.

54 Wherever I live, I sing songs about your rules.

55 In the night, Lord, I think about who you are.

I will continue to obey your Law.

56 This is what I do every day:

I obey your teaching.


57 Lord, you are everything that I need.

I promise to obey your rules.

58 I ask you, ‘Please, please take care of me.

Be kind and forgive me,

as you have promised to do.’

59 I have thought about the way that I live.

I have decided to return to your teaching.

60 I will be quick to obey your commands.

I will not be slow to do that.

61 Wicked people try to catch me in their traps,

but I will not forget your Law.

62 I get up in the middle of the night to praise you.

I thank you for your fair rules.

63 I am a friend of everyone who respects you,

and who obeys your teaching.

64 Lord, your faithful love is everywhere!

Please teach me your commands.


65 Lord, you have blessed me, your servant,

as you have promised to do.

66 Teach me to understand what is right,

because I trust your commands.

67 Before you showed me what was right, I made mistakes,

but now I obey your teaching.

68 You are good and you do good things.

So please teach me your laws.

69 Proud people have told many lies against me,

but I love to obey your rules.

70 Those people do not understand anything,

but your Law makes me very happy.

71 When I suffered, it was good for me.

It helped me to learn your commands.

72 The rules that you have taught me are very valuable.

They are more valuable to me

than thousands of pieces of gold and silver.


73 You made me with your hands. You made me what I am.

Help me to understand things well,

so that I learn your commands.

74 People who respect you will be happy when they see me.

That is because I trust your word.

75 Lord, I know that your rules are good and fair.

When you sent trouble to me,

it was because you truly loved me.

76 Now, please use your faithful love

to comfort me.

That is what you promised to do for me, your servant.

77 Be kind to me so that I will live!

Your Law makes me really happy.

78 Proud men should be ashamed!

They have spoken lies against me.

79 Let the people who respect you come back to me.

Then they will learn to obey your rules.

80 Let me obey your commands completely.

Then I will not be ashamed.


81 As I wait for you to save me,

I feel tired and weak.

I trust in your word.

82 As I wait for you to do what you have promised,

my eyes are too tired to stay open.

I ask, ‘When will you come to help me?’

83 I am like an old wineskin that has become useless.

But I have not forgotten your rules.

84 As your servant, help me to be patient.

Please punish the people who want to hurt me.

Please do it soon.

85 Proud people want to catch me in their traps.

That is against your Law!

86 I know that I can trust all your commands,

but people still give me trouble with their lies.

Quickly, help me!

87 People here on earth have almost destroyed me,

but I continue to obey your teaching.

88 Please use your faithful love to keep me alive.

Then I can continue to obey the rules that you have taught me.


89 Lord, your teaching will always be there.

You keep it safe in heaven.

90 You continue to show that people can trust you,

from one century to the next.

You have fixed the earth in its place,

and it will remain.

91 It is by your command that all things continue.

You have put them there to serve you.

92 If your Law had not made me happy,

I would have been sad until I died.

93 I will never forget your rules,

because you have used them to give me life.

94 I belong to you. Please save me!

I have respected your rules.

95 Wicked people are ready to kill me,

but I think carefully about your teaching.

96 I have learned that all things will come to an end,

but your commands have no end.


97 I love your Law very much.

I think about it all the time.

98 Your commands make me wiser than my enemies.

They are always in my thoughts.

99 I understand more than all my teachers,

because I think about your rules.

100 I understand more than people who are old,

because I respect your teaching.

101 I do not follow evil ways,

so that I can obey your word.

102 I do not turn away from your rules,

because you are my teacher.

103 Your words are very good.

They taste sweeter than honey in my mouth!

104 Your teaching helps me to understand things,

so I hate anything that is false.


105 Your word is like a lamp that shines as my guide.

It shows me the right way to live.

106 I have made a strong promise

that I will always obey your righteous rules.

107 I have a lot of trouble and pain.

Lord, please keep me safe,

as you have promised to do.

108 Lord, please accept the praise

that I choose to offer to you.

Teach me your rules.

109 My life is always in danger,

but I never forget your Law.

110 Wicked people try to catch me in a trap,

but I do not turn away from your teaching.

111 Your laws will always be with me.

They make me happy deep inside.

112 I have decided to obey your commands always,

until the end of my life.


113 I hate hypocrites,

but I love your Law.

114 You are the safe place where I can hide.

You keep me safe like a soldier's shield.

I know that I can trust your word.

115 Go away from me, you evil people!

I will obey my God's commands.

116 Help me to be strong, Lord,

as your word promises.

Do not let me be ashamed because of my hope.

117 Please help me so that I will be safe.

Then I will always obey your commands.

118 You refuse people who turn away from your laws.

You do not accept them,

because they speak lies to deceive people.

119 The wicked people in the world are like rubbish to you.

So I choose to obey your rules.

120 I respect your great strength,

so that my body shakes with fear.

I am afraid of the laws by which you judge people.


121 I have done what is fair and right.

Do not leave me alone

so that my cruel enemies can hurt me.

122 Promise to take care of me, your servant.

Do not let proud people hurt me.

123 I have been waiting a long time for you to save me.

My eyes have become tired.

I am waiting for you to save me,

as your true promise has said.

124 Please be kind to me, your servant,

so that I see your faithful love.

Continue to teach me your laws.

125 I am your servant. Help me to be wise,

so that I can understand your rules.

126 It is time for you to do something, Lord,

because people have turned against your Law.

127 That is why I love your commands.

They are more valuable to me than very pure gold.

128 So I carefully obey your teaching.

I hate everything that is false.


129 Your laws are wonderful, Lord!

So I obey them.

130 Your message brings light to people,

when they understand it.

It helps ordinary people to become wise.

131 I want very much to know your commands,

like a thirsty dog needs water to drink.

132 Turn towards me and be kind to me,

as you always do for those who serve you.

133 Use your word to lead me along the right way.

Do not let sin rule over me.

134 Keep me safe from cruel people,

so that I can obey your teaching.

135 Show a kind face to me, your servant.

Teach me your laws.

136 I weep with streams of tears,

because people do not obey your Law.


137 Lord, you are righteous

and your laws are completely fair.

138 The rules that you have given to us are good and right.

We can trust them completely.

139 I am so upset that it almost kills me,

because my enemies do not accept your message.

140 I know that your promises are completely true.

I love them more than anything.

141 I am not important enough for people to respect me,

but I do not forget your teaching.

142 You will always do what is right

and your law is completely true.

143 I have much trouble and it makes me afraid,

but your commands make me happy.

144 Your rules are always fair.

Help me to understand them,

so that I may find true life.


145 With my whole being, I call to you,

‘Answer me, Lord!

I will obey your commands.’

146 I say to you, ‘Save me,

so that I can obey your rules.’

147 I wake up before dawn

and I cry to you for help.

I trust your promises to be true.

148 I am awake during each night,

and I think carefully about your message.

149 You love me with a faithful love,

so please listen to me!

Lord, do what is right,

and keep my life safe.

150 People who love to do evil things

are ready to attack me.

They have no interest in your Law.

151 Lord, you are near to me,

and I can trust all your commands.

152 I have studied your teaching since long ago.

I know that you have made it to remain for ever.


153 Look at my pain and trouble!

Please save me,

because I do not forget your Law.

154 Stand with me and make me free.

Keep me safe,

as you have promised to do.

155 Wicked people do not obey your rules,

so their lives will never be safe.

156 Lord, you are very kind.

Please do what is right,

and keep my life safe!

157 I have many enemies

who are ready to hurt me.

But I do not turn away from your teaching.

158 When I see people who have turned against you,

they make me very upset.

They do not obey your commands.

159 See how I love your teaching, Lord!

Please keep my life safe,

because of your faithful love for your people.

160 I can trust that your message is true.

All your righteous rules will continue for ever.


161 Rulers want to hurt me for no good reason.

But it is your message that I respect with fear.

162 Your teaching makes me very happy.

I am like someone who has found great riches.

163 I hate all kinds of lies,

but I love your Law.

164 I praise you seven times each day,

because of your righteous rules.

165 People who love your Law have peace in their minds.

Nothing will cause them to fall down.

166 Lord, I trust you to save me,

as I obey your commands.

167 I will continue to obey your rules,

because I love them so much.

168 I obey your commands and your teaching,

because you know everything that I do.


169 Listen to me, Lord,

as I call to you for help!

Help me to understand your word.

170 I ask you to be kind to me,

so please listen!

Keep me safe,

as you have promised to do.

171 I will always speak aloud to praise you,

because you teach me your rules.

172 I will sing about your message,

because all your commands are righteous.

173 Please be ready to help me,

because I choose to obey your teaching.

174 Lord, I am waiting for you to save me.

Please do it soon!

Your Law makes me very happy.

175 Keep my life safe,

so that I can praise you.

Use your laws to give me help.

176 I have left the right way.

Come to make me safe again,

like a shepherd looks for his lost sheep.

Help me, your servant,

because I have not forgotten your commands.