Nehemiah 11

Some people go to live in Jerusalem

1 The leaders of the Jews lived in Jerusalem. The other people threw lots. In that way, they chose which families would live there. From every group of 10 families they chose one family. Then that family would live in Jerusalem, the holy city. The other families could stay in their own towns. 2 The people said that this was good. The families in Jerusalem gave them pleasure.

3 These are the leaders from other towns that came to live in Jerusalem. Some Jews, priests, Levites, and temple servants lived in Judah's towns. Descendants of Solomon's servants also lived in towns in Judah. Each lived in his own house. 4 Other people from Judah and Benjamin lived in Jerusalem. From the descendants of Judah: Athaiah son of Uzziah, Zechariah's son. Zechariah was the son of Amariah, Shephatiah's son. He was the son of Mahalalel, a descendant of Perez. 5 Also Maaseiah son of Baruch, Col-Hozeh's son. Col-Hozeh was the son of Hazaiah, Adaiah's son. Adaiah was the son of Joiarib, son of Zechariah. He was a descendant of Shelah. 6 The descendants of Perez were 468 brave men. They all lived in Jerusalem.

7 From the descendants of Benjamin: Sallu son of Meshullam, Joed's son. Joed was Pedaiah's son, son of Kolaiah, Maaseiah's son. Maaseiah was the son of Ithiel, Jeshaiah's son. 8 Gabbai and Sallai, the people who followed Sallu, were also with him. There were 928 men. 9 Joel son of Zicri was their officer with authority. Judah son of Hassenuah had authority after him.

10 From the priests: Jedaiah son of Joiarib, and Jakin. 11 Also Seraiah son of Hilkiah, son of Meshullam, Zadok's son. Zadok was Meraioth's son, son of Ahitub. Ahitub had authority in the house of God. 12 Their friends worked with them in God's house. There were 822 men; and Adaiah son of Jeroham, Pelaliah's son. Pelaliah was the son of Amzi. Amzi was the son of Zechariah, son of Pashhur, Malkijah's son. 13 They and those with them were leaders of families. There were 242 men; and Amashsai son of Azarel, Ahzai's son. Ahzai was the son of Meshillemoth, son of Immer. 14 And their friends came with them. They were 128 strong brave men. Their officer with authority was Zabdiel, son of Haggedolim.

15 From the Levites: Shemaiah son of Hasshub, son of Azrikam. Azrikam was the son of Hashabiah, Bunni's son. 16 Also Shabbethai and Jozabad who had authority over the outside work of God's house. 17 Also Mattaniah son of Mica, son of Zabdi, Asaph's son. He led the people when they prayed and thanked God. Also Bakbukiah and Abda son of Shammua. He was the son of Galal, Jeduthun's son. 18 The number of Levites in Jerusalem city was 284.

19 The gatekeepers were: Akkub, Talmon and their friends, who watched at the city gates. The number of men was 172. 20 The other Jews and the priests and Levites were in the towns of Judah. They lived at the homes of their ancestors. 21 The temple servants lived on the hill of Ophel. Ziha and Gishpa had authority over them.

22 Uzzi was the Levites' leader. He was the son of Bani, Hashabiah's son and Hashabiah was the son of Mattaniah, Mica's son. Uzzi was one of Asaph's descendants. He had authority over the singers in God's house. 23 The singers had to obey the king. He told them each day what they should do. 24 Pethahiah son of Meshezabel, a descendant of Zerah, Judah's son, spoke for the king. He told the people everything that the king wanted.

25 Many people lived in villages with fields. Some people of Judah lived in Kiriath Arba, Dibon and Jekabzeel and the land round them. 26 Other people lived in Jeshua, Moladah and Beth Pelet. 27 More people lived in Hazar Shual, and in Beersheba and the villages round it. 28 Some people lived in Ziklag, Meconah and 29 En Rimmon. Other people were in Zorah and Jarmuth. 30 Other people lived in Zanoah and Adullam and their villages. Some people were in Lachish and its fields and in Azekah and its villages. They were living from Beersheba to the Hinnom Valley.

31 The descendants of Benjamin from Geba lived in Michmash, Aija, Bethel and its villages. 32 And they lived in Anathoth, Nob and Ananiah. 33 Also they lived in Hazor, Ramah and Gittaim. 34 And they lived in Hadid, Zeboim and Neballat. 35 Also they lived in Lod and Ono and in the Valley of the clever workers. 36 Some of the Levites from Judah lived in Benjamin's land.