Micah 2:6-11

False prophets

6 The people say to me, ‘Do not prophesy against us!

2:6To prophesy means to speak (God's) messages, often about future events.

Do not say that we will have trouble.

God will not make us ashamed!’

7 You should not talk like that, you who are descendants of Jacob.

Do you think that the Lord's Spirit will always be patient with you?

If you agree to do what is right, then you will accept that my message is good.

8 The Lord says:

‘You have become like enemies among my people.

You rob people of their coats when they pass by.

Even men who thought that they were safe now.

You even rob men who are returning home from war.

9 You rob the women among my people too.

You take away their happy homes.

So you take away what I want their children to enjoy.

10 Get up and go away!

You cannot remain in this place because you have made it bad.

It is so bad that it will completely destroy you.

11 When a person speaks false messages to you, then you believe them.

They might say that you would have plenty of wine and strong drink.

That is the message that you would like!’

2:11Micah spoke true messages from God. But other people were speaking false messages. They spoke words that made the bad people happy. In this verse, God is saying that the bad people should listen to Micah.