Luke 12:22-34

Do not have troubles in your mind

22 Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I tell you this. You should not be thinking all the time about how to stay alive. Do not be always thinking about the food that you need to stay alive. Do not be always thinking about the clothes that you need to wear. 23 Your life is more important than the food that you eat. Your body is more important than your clothes.

24 Think about the birds. They do not plant seeds in the ground. They do not cut down plants to eat. They have no buildings to store food. But God gives them food to eat. You are much more valuable than the birds. 25 Even if you are always thinking about your life, you cannot make it go on any longer, not even by one hour! 26 No, you cannot even do a small thing like that. So, if you are always thinking about the things that you need, will that really help you?

27 Think about how the wild flowers grow. They do not do work or make clothes for themselves. But I tell you this about them. Even one wild flower is more beautiful than King Solomon was. And King Solomon wore the most beautiful clothes. 28 It is God that gives beautiful clothes even to the grass. One day the grass is growing in the field, but the next day people will cut it and burn it. God will certainly take care of you, much more than he takes care of the grass. You should trust him more than you do!

12:28People burned dry grass and wild flowers to cook food.

29 Do not always be thinking about the food and drink that you need. Do not have trouble in your mind about them. 30 People that do not know God are always thinking about these things. But as for you, your Father God knows that you need them. 31 Instead, always think about the things that are important in the kingdom of God. Then God will also give you the things that you need each day.

32 You are only a small group of people, but do not be afraid. Your Father God has given his kingdom to you. He is happy to do that. 33 So, sell what you have and give the money to poor people. Then you will have valuable things in heaven. That is like keeping your money in a bag that will never have a hole in it. There, the value of your things will never decrease. Nobody can take them from you. Insects cannot destroy them there. 34 If you do that, you will be thinking a lot about heaven. That is where you will have stored your valuable things.’