Judges 2:1-5

The Israelites do not obey God

1 The angel of the Lord went from Gilgal to Bokim. He said, ‘I have brought you out from Egypt. I brought you here to this land that I promised to give to your ancestors. I said that I would always do for you what I promised in my Covenant. 2 I told you not to make any agreement with the people who live in this land. I told you to destroy the altars where they worship their gods. But you have not done as I told you. Why have you not obeyed me? 3 So now I tell you, I will not chase the Canaanites away so that you can take their land. Instead, they will cause trouble for you. Their false gods will cause you to turn away from me.’

4 When the Lord's angel had said this, the Israelites began to weep loudly. 5 They called that place Bokim. They offered sacrifices to the Lord there.

2:5‘Bokim’ means ‘people who weep’.