John 12:37-43

Many people still do not believe in Jesus

37 Jesus had done many miracles that the people themselves had seen. But even then, they still did not believe in him. 38 This showed that the prophet Isaiah had spoken true words when he said:

12:38See Isaiah 53:1.

Lord, has anyone believed our message?

You have shown how powerful you are,

but nobody has really understood.’

39 Isaiah spoke also about why the people could not believe. 40 He said:

12:39See Isaiah 6:10.

‘God has made their eyes unable to see.

He has closed their minds.

So they cannot see with their eyes,

and they cannot understand with their minds.

They will not turn to me, so that I can make them well.’

41 Long ago, Isaiah had seen how great Christ would be. That is why he said these things.

42 But even at that time, many of the Jewish leaders did believe in Jesus. But they were afraid of the Pharisees. So, they did not tell people that they believed. They were afraid that the Pharisees would send them away from their meeting places. 43 They wanted other people to praise them, more than they wanted God to praise them.