Job 13:1-28

Job continues to speak

1 I have seen all these things with my own eyes.

I have heard everything that you have said.

I have understood it.

2 I know as much as you do.

You are no better than I am.

3 But I want to speak to the Almighty God.

I need to show him that I am right.

4 What you say about me is only lies.

You would be useless as doctors.

5 It would be better if you said nothing.

That would be a wise thing for you to do.

6 Listen now to what I have to say.

Listen carefully to the words that I speak.

7 You think that you can tell lies to speak on behalf of God!

Your lies are not helping God.

8 You are trying to win the argument for God.

But you are not being honest when you do that.

9 If God asks you questions,

would he find that you speak the truth?

Or would you try to deceive him,

as you deceive other people?

10 When you speak on God's behalf,

you may think that your lies are a secret.

But God will still punish you.

11 His great power will frighten you.

You will be very afraid of him.

12 Your wise teaching is worth no more than ashes.

Your arguments are weak and useless.

13 So be quiet now and let me speak.

Then we will see what happens to me.

14 I am ready for my life to be in danger.

I must take that risk.

15 Even if God kills me, I will still trust him.

I will tell him why I am not guilty.

16 I am brave enough to stand in front of God.

No wicked person would be able to do that.

So it shows that I am not guilty.

17 Listen carefully to my words.

Hear what I have to say.

18 I know what I want to say.

I am ready to explain why I am not guilty.

19 Nobody can show that I have done wrong things.

If anyone can do that, I will be quiet.

I will be ready to die.

20 God, please do two things that will help me.

If you do those things,

I will no longer hide from you.

21 Please stop punishing me.

And stop causing me to be so afraid of you.

22 Tell me to come and stand in front of you.

Then I will answer you.

Or allow me to speak first.

Then you will reply to me.

23 Tell me how many wrong things I have done.

Show me what my sins are.

24 Why do you hide yourself from me?

Why do you think that I am your enemy?

25 I am as weak as a leaf that the wind can blow away.

But you still want to frighten me.

I am as useless as chaff,

but you still attack me.

26 You write down things to accuse me.

You punish me for the sins I did when I was young.

27 You tie my feet with chains.

You watch me carefully wherever I go.

You put marks on my feet.

28 So my life is slowly disappearing.

It is like a coat that moths are eating.