Jeremiah 17:14-18

Jeremiah tells the Lord about his troubles.

14 Lord, make me well, and I will be well.

Save me and I will be safe,

because you are the one that I praise.

15 People keep asking me questions.

‘Where are the words of the Lord?

When will they come true?’

16 Lord, I have not stopped giving help to your people who are like your sheep.

You know that I did not want bad things to happen to them.

You know that I have spoken your words.

17 Please do not make me afraid!

When bad things happen, I run to you to hide me.

18 I want you to make the people ashamed who hurt me.

Please make them very afraid.

But help me not to be afraid.

Cause them to have a lot of trouble.

Destroy them again and again.