Jeremiah 12:1-4

Jeremiah tells the Lord about his troubles

1 Lord, when I complain to you,

you always do what is right.

But I must ask you about your justice.

Why do wicked people have success in life?

Why do people who cheat their friends

live in comfort?

2 They are like trees that you have planted.

They have strong roots.

They produce good fruits.

Those people like to talk about you a lot,

but they do not really love you.

3 But you know everything about me, Lord.

You watch me carefully to test me.

You know what I am thinking.

You should kill those wicked men, as they deserve!

Take them away like sheep,

to kill them when the time is right.

4 Our land has been dry for a long time.

The grass everywhere is dying.

How long will this continue?

The animals and the birds are dying.

This has happened because the people who live in this land do wicked things.

They like to boast,

‘God will not see what happens to us.’