Isaiah 18:1-7

A message about Cush

18:1There were two places called Cush 2,700 years ago. One place was near Ethiopia and the other place was near Iraq. Most Bible students think that here it means the place near Ethiopia.

1 It will be very bad for that land beyond the rivers of Cush. Their ships seem to have wings and fly everywhere! 2 They send messages over the sea in boats that they make from reeds. Their boats sail quickly on the water.

Go now! Take a message quickly.

Go to a country where the people are tall

and their skin has no hair.

Everyone is afraid of that nation's people.

They are a powerful and strong nation.

Many rivers cross their land.

3 All you people who live in the world, listen to this! You will see a battle flag on the mountains. You will hear the sound of a trumpet.

4 This is what the Lord said to me: ‘I will watch quietly from my place. I will work quietly, like the heat that comes from the sun. I will be as quiet as the mist that comes at harvest time.’

18:4Mist is like a cloud near the ground that comes early in the morning.

5 Then, when the grapes on the vines are nearly ready for harvest, the Lord will cut them off! He will use his knife to cut off the branches.

18:5This is a picture of how the Lord will stop the foreign army before they can attack.

6 Like those branches, the dead bodies of the soldiers will lie in the fields. The wild animals and the vultures will come to eat them. The vultures will feed on them all through the summer. The wild animals will eat them all through the winter.

7 At that time, the Lord Almighty will receive gifts from the people of that land. Many rivers cross that land. Its people are tall and their skin has no hair. Everyone is afraid of them. Their nation is strong and powerful. Those people will bring their gifts to Mount Zion. That is the place that the Lord Almighty has chosen for people to worship him there.