Habakkuk 1:5-11

The Lord speaks

5 ‘All of you, look carefully at the other nations.

You will be very surprised at what is happening.

While you are still alive, I will do a very surprising thing.

You would not believe it even if someone told you.

6 I will give more power to the Babylonians.

They are a cruel nation with brave soldiers.

They march across the whole earth.

They take cities that do not belong to them.

7 They cause people to be very afraid.

They obey no laws except their own rules.

8 Their horses run faster than leopards.

They are more cruel than wolves

that attack in the evening.

Their riders come on fast horses

from places that are far away.

They quickly attack their enemies,

like hungry eagles that fly down to catch chickens.

9 Their whole army comes to do violent things.

They march forward like a wind from the desert.

They make people their prisoners,

as easily as if they are picking up sand.

10 They insult kings,

and they laugh at rulers.

They laugh at all the strong cities of their enemies.

They build heaps of earth against the walls,

and they take those cities for themselves.

11 Their army quickly moves on to another place,

like a wind that blows.

They think that their own god has made them strong,

and so they are guilty.’

1:11God says that he will use a cruel, wicked nation to punish his own people.