Ezekiel 42

Two buildings near the temple

1 Then the man took me into the outside yard. We went to a building near the temple. It was on the north side of the temple. It was not far from the other building (that was on the west side of the temple). 2 This building was fifty (50) metres long and twenty-five (25) metres wide. There was a 10 metre space between it and the temple. The building's other side was by the yard that they had covered with flat stones. 3 It had three (3) sets of rooms. They were on top of each other. Each was a little way behind the one below it. 4 A path went along inside its north side. It was fifty (50) metres long and five (5) metres wide. The entrances to the building were on the same side. 5 The rooms at the top were not as wide as the rooms below them. And they were not as wide as the rooms below them. 6 Each of the two groups of rooms at the top was on a wide wall. They were not on pillars like the other buildings in the yard. 7 The wall in front of the lowest rooms had no doors for twenty-five (25) metres. Rooms filled the other 25 metres. 8 At the top, there were rooms from one end to the other. 9 They had made an entrance to the rooms below from the outside yard. It was at the east end of the building. The wall of the yard started there.

10 A building like this one was at the south side of the temple. It was not far from the other building (that was at the west end of the temple). 11 A path went along its side. The sizes and entrance were the same as those of the other building. 12 They had made a door at its east end. The door went to the set of rooms that was below the other sets of rooms. The door was on the building's south side, where the wall began.

13 The man spoke to me. ‘The north and south rooms towards the yard are for the priests. They are holy. In them, the priests who work there will eat the most holy sacrifices. They will keep the most holy things there. For example, they put there the grain and other offerings that people gave. Those people were sorry about the wrong things that they had done.

14 The priests may want to go into the outside yard. Then they must take off the special holy clothes that they wear to work for the Lord. They must leave them in these rooms and they must put on other clothes. Then they can go out to meet the people.’

15 Then he had finished measuring everything inside the place where the temple was. He took me out through the east gate and he measured the space all round. 16 He measured the wall of the east side with his stick. It was two hundred and fifty (250) metres. 17-19 Then he measured the north side and the south side and the west side. Each one measured the same as the east side, two hundred and fifty (250) metres. 20 So the walls made a square round the holy place. They separated the holy place from the common place.