Ezekiel 40:38-47

Buildings near the north gate

38 There was a small building joined to the entrance room of the north gate. There was a door between this building and the entrance room. In that building, the priests washed the dead bodies of animals for burnt offerings. 39 In the entrance room there were four tables, two on each side of the room. They killed the animals for sacrifices on these tables. They were animals for burnt offerings and also for sin offerings and for guilt offerings.

40 There were four more tables outside the entrance room of the north gate. Two tables were on each side of the steps at the entrance. 41 So there were eight tables on which they killed animals for sacrifices. Four tables were in the yard outside the entrance. Four tables were inside the entrance room. 42 They had used stone to make four tables for the burnt offerings. These tables were 50 centimetres high. Their tops were 75 centimetres square. They put the knives and the other tools that they used to kill the animals on these tables. 43 They put the meat for the offerings on the stone tables. There were hooks all around the inside walls of the room. Each hook was 7½ centimetres long.

44 There were two rooms for singers that had doors to the inside yard. One was beside the north gate and its door opened towards the south. The other room was beside the south gate and its door opened towards the north. 45 The man said to me, ‘The room beside the north gate is for the priests who take care of the temple. 46 The room beside the south gate is for the priests who serve God at the altar. These priests are descendants of Zadok. They are the only descendants of Levi who may come near to the Lord to serve him.’

40:46These priests had to belong to the family of Zadok. See Ezekiel 44.

47 The man measured the inside yard. It was square, 50 metres long and 50 metres wide. There was an altar in front of the temple.