Ezekiel 24:1-14

The pot to cook meat

1 The Lord spoke to me on the tenth day. That was in the tenth month of the ninth year. 2 ‘Remember this day, son of man. On this day, the king of Babylon is starting to attack Jerusalem. 3 Tell a story to this people who do not obey me. Say, “This is what the Lord God says:

Put the pot on the fire. Fill it with water.

4 Put into it the best pieces of meat, the leg and the shoulder.

Fill it with all the best bones. 5 Take them from sheep that are the best to eat.

Put wood under the pot and boil it to cook the meat and the bones.

6 This is what the Lord God says:

It will be very bad for the city where they killed people.

This city is like a pot that nobody has cleaned. They have taken out every piece of meat. They have not left one piece. 7 Men can see the blood that poured out on the streets. No dirt covers it. 8 I am very angry. So I let all men see the blood that you poured out.

9 So this is what the Lord God says:

It will be very bad for the city that poured out this blood.

I will put wood on the fire to destroy it.

10 So make the fire burn and cook the meat well.

Put in more things that will make it taste good. Let the bones burn.

11 Put the empty pot on the fire so that it becomes red and hot.

The fire should burn away all its dirt.

12 But the dirt will not burn away. Even fire cannot do this.

13 The bad things that you do are like your dirt. I tried to make you clean, but you would not let me. You will not become clean until I am no longer angry with you.

14 I, the Lord have spoken. Now I am beginning to do the things that I promised.

I will not stop. I will not be kind or make the punishment less. I will judge you because of the many bad things that you have done, says the Lord God.” ’