Daniel 9:25-27

The 490 years

25 ‘I want you to know and understand. There will be a command to build Jerusalem again. After 49 years (that is, 7 times 7), people will build Jerusalem city again. They will build streets and a wall. But God's people will have much trouble during this time. Then there will be 434 years more (that is, 62 times 7). Then, the special ruler that God has chosen will come. 26 After the 434 years, people will kill the special ruler that God has sent. He will have nothing. Then a foreign ruler will come with his army and he will destroy the city and the holy place. The end will be like a fast river. War will continue until the end of that time. God has said that people would destroy things. 27 The ruler will agree with many people for seven years. In the middle of the seven years he will stop all the sacrifices. He will put a thing that is not holy in the holy place. And it will stay there until God decides to kill this ruler. Then his end will happen.’