Daniel 11:40-45

The end of the very bad man's life

40 β€˜In the end, the king from the south will attack him. The king in the north will fight back like a storm. He will have soldiers on horses and many ships. He will attack many countries and he will go through them like a great powerful river. 41 He will also attack the Beautiful Country and he will kill many thousands of the people there. But he will not take the people in the countries called Edom and Moab or the leaders from Ammon. 42 He will have power over many countries, including the country called Egypt. 43 He will take all the gold, silver and other valuable things in Egypt. He will also rule the countries called Libya and Cush. 44 But he will hear news from the north and the east that will cause trouble in his mind. So he will be very angry. And then he will go to destroy things and to kill many people. 45 He will stay with his soldiers between the sea and the holy mountain. But he will die there and nobody will help him.’