Acts 16:11-15

Lydia becomes a believer

11 We got in a boat at Troas and we sailed across the sea. We went across to an island called Samothrace. The next day, we continued our journey to a port called Neapolis. 12 We then travelled across the land to Philippi. This city is the most important city in the region called Macedonia. The Romans ruled Philippi and many Roman people lived there. We stayed there for a few days.

13 On the Jewish rest day, we went out of the city gate. We went down to the edge of the river. We thought that the Jews might have a special meeting place there. We thought that they would meet there to pray. We found a group of women who were meeting there. So we sat down and we talked to them.

16:13Not many Jews were living in Philippi, so they did not have a synagogue. Instead, they met at the side of the river to pray together.

14 One of the women who listened to us was called Lydia. She was from the city called Thyatira. She bought and sold expensive dark red cloth. She was a Gentile woman who now worshipped God. The Lord helped her to understand Paul's message. So she believed the things that he said.

15 Then Paul and Silas baptized Lydia and the other people who lived in her house. After this, Lydia asked us to go to her house. She said to us, ‘If you think that I really believe in the Lord Jesus, then please stay in my house.’ We agreed to go and to stay there.