2 John 1:1-4

John says ‘Hello’ to a special lady

1 This letter comes from me, the leader of the believers. I am writing to you, a special lady that God has chosen, and to your children. I love all of you, as you have believed God's true message. It is not only me who loves you. Everyone who knows the true message about God really loves you. 2 I love you because we have all come to understand what is true. It will remain with us for ever.

1:2When John wrote this letter to ‘a special lady’, he may have been writing it to a group of believers. Or he may have been writing it to someone who had a home where the believers met.

3 I pray that God our Father, and his Son Jesus Christ will help us. I pray that he will be kind to us all. I pray that he will give us peace in our minds. This will happen because God loves us and because we believe his true message.

4 I was very happy to hear about some of your children. I am happy because they are living in a good way. They are obeying the true message about God. They are doing what God our Father has told us to do.