2 Chronicles 28:12-15

Israel's people obey God's prophet

12 Then some leaders in Ephraim met the soldiers while the soldiers were returning from the war. Those leaders were Johanan's son Azariah, Meshillemoth's son Berekiah, Shallum's son Jehizkiah and Hadlai's son Amasa. 13 ‘You must not bring these people that you have caught here,’ they said. ‘If you do, it will be a sin against the Lord. The Lord is already angry with Israel because we have sinned. And he may punish us for that. It seems that you want to make it worse.’

14 So the soldiers gave the people and the things that they had taken from Judah to the leaders. All the people were watching them while they did that. 15 Then those 4 leaders gave clothes and shoes to those who had none. They took those things from the things that the soldiers had taken away from Judah. And they gave food, drink and medicines to them. They put on donkeys those people who were too weak to walk. Then they took them to Jericho, the city with many Palms. There they were near where their own people lived. Then those leaders returned to Samaria.