2 Chronicles 17:1-6

Jehoshaphat rules Judah as king

1 Asa's son Jehoshaphat became the next king of Judah. He made his kingdom strong to fight against Israel. 2 He put soldiers in all Judah's cities that had walls around them and in other places in Judah. He also put soldiers in the towns of Ephraim that his father Asa had taken power over.

3 Jehoshaphat obeyed the Lord as his ancestor David had done when he first ruled as king. So the Lord was with him to help him. Jehoshaphat did not worship the idols of Baal. 4 Instead, he served the God that his father had served. He obeyed the Lord's commands. He did not do the wrong things that Israel's people did. 5 The Lord gave Jehoshaphat power over the kingdom of Judah. All Judah's people brought gifts to him. So Jehoshaphat became rich and people respected him. 6 He served the Lord with all his strength. He removed from Judah the altars on the hills and the Asherah poles.