2 Chronicles 14:2-7

Asa obeys God's Law

2 Asa did good things that gave pleasure to the Lord his God. 3 He took away the altars for foreign gods and their high places for worship. And he broke down the tall pillars of stones and he cut down the models of Asherah. 4 Asa said that all the people in Judah must try to obey the Lord, the God of their ancestors. He said that they must obey God's rules and God's Law. 5 He took away the high places for worship. And he removed the altars where people burnt oils with sweet smells. He did that in every city in Judah. And his kingdom had peace while he ruled. 6 He built strong cities in Judah while there was peace for the country. Nobody fought him during that time because the Lord let him rest.

14:3The pillars of stones were from the time before the Israelites came to the country. Some people believed that gods lived in them.

7 Asa said to Judah's people, ‘We should make these towns stronger. We will put walls round them with tall buildings and gates and strong pieces of wood across the gates. The country is ours because we have obeyed the Lord our God. We asked him for help and he has given peace everywhere round us.’ So they built strong towns and everything was good.